* The California Rig Meets all current E.P.A and Cal Transmission Regulations in a Compact "400" H.D. Package.

  • New, Professionally Designed, Compact Draw Works Offers Superior Maintenance, & Longevity
  • Narrow Winch Frame Mounts Directly on Top of Carrier Beams
  • Only Drum Spools & Tubing/Sand Lines are Inside Winch Frame
  • Brakes are Outboard - All adjustments made Away from Moving Drums / Lines; No Unsafe Exposure to Lines
  • Large Diameter Brakes - 46" on Both Drums - Sand is 8" Wide, Main is 10" Wide
  • Large Diameter Main Drum Barrel @ 21-1/4" Bare, Lebus Minor Dimension is 22" - Promotes Longer Wireline Life
  • Once Installed Into Line Pockets, Lines are Positively Locked in Place via Easily Removable, Segmented Wear Plates
  • Hook Load is Applied to Very Large Spherical Bearings - The Shafts Experience NO Hook Loads, NO Bending Moments
  • All Outboard, Drum Shaft Mounted Clutches are Easily Serviced & are Well Known Twin Disc Brand, P.O. 324: Three Plate on Main Drum & P.O. 124: One Plate on Sand Drum, Both are 24" Diameter
  • Brake Rims have Guide Rings on Either Side to Capture Sides of Brake Blocks; Prevents Side Drift of Bands/Blocks Assemblies
  • Brakes' Pins are Each Captured in Three Distinct Ways; Trapped Head, Self-Locking Nuts, & Stainless Steel Cotter Keys
  • Sprockets & Chains are on Opposite Sides from Clutches - No Possible Way for Chain Oil Contamination Onto Clutches
  • Drive Chain is Used Exclusively; 1 1/2" Double @ Offside Drives, 1 1/4" Triple for Hydromatic
  • Oil Bath Chain Cases have Positive Lip Type Oil Seals @ Intersecting Drive Locations; Promotes Leak-Free Lubrication
  • Brakes are Quickly & Easily Inspected for Wear & Safe Operation
  • Brakes are Quickly & Easily Adjusted for Wear with Slack Adjuster Conveniently Located Outside Winch Frame
  • Main Shaft Experience Only Input & Clutch Engagement Torque
  • Both Drums & Brake Rims are Dynamically Balanced Independent from Each Other
  • Brake Rims are Center Hung Design which Affords Even Heat Dissipation Resulting in Even-Wear
  • Neither Tubing nor Sandlines are Subject to Brake Rim Heat; as Drum Side Plates are not Connected to Brake Rims
  • Brake Rims are Hardened Overlay, Manufactured In-House
  • Brake Rims can be Easily Replaced with Drum in Place; No Need to Pull Drum - Minimal Time Loss
  • Drum Shafts can be Easily Replaced with Drum in Place; No Need to Pull Drum - Minimal Time Loss
  • Lines Do Not Have to be Removed from Drum Spools if Rims or Shafts are Replaced
  • Gear Box is 2.5 Reduction which Promotes Longer Component Life for Sprockets & Chains
  • Assist Brakes is Kobelt 48" X 4" X 11" - Direct Spider Mounted

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  • All Components Used are Easily Obtained
  • Four - Axle Carrier is Designed to Provide Trouble-Free Service for Many Years
  • Both Engine & Transmission are Electronically Controlled
  • All Controls are Labeled, Accessible & Operator Friendly
  • Stainless Steel Tubing is Used Exclusively for All Pneumatic & Hydraulic Lines Under 1/2" in Diameter
  • (4) Large Bore Hydraulic Cylinders Easily Level Carrier & Utilize Large External Jam Nuts to Machanically Lock the Load
  • Cab is Lowered where possible for Easy Access
  • L.E.D. Lighting is Used
  • Unit is Designed for Lowest Possible Road Height @ 13'2" O.A.H.
  • Vehicle is Identified through N.H.T.S.A. with U.S. Government Issued Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)


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