• Professionally Engineered Design Meets or Exceeds API SPEC 4F
  • All Meterials are Properly Sized & Traceability is Recorded
  • Permanent Records are Kept On-Site
  • Welding Methods & Welders are all Properly Accredited & Documented
  • Design was Analyzed Several Ways; Both Manually & with Finite Analysis Programming
  • Mast is Easily Tilt Adjusted by Screws atop Base Legs
  • Oversized Hydraulic Extension Cylinder has Internal Stops to Prevent Over-Extension
  • Extension Cylinder Used Track Type Stabilization - No Swinging, Troublesome Side Stabilizers
  • Oversized Extension Cylinder Utilizes Internal Piston Cup Type Seals
  • Mast Upper Section does not Taper @ Crown Beam - Its Straight all the Way to Crown for Maximum Traveling Block Clearance Top to Bottom
  • Mast Hook Load Capacity Corresponds to Maximum Strength of New Swedged Wireline
  • Mast Latch System is Automatically Engaged when in Proper Location & is Easily Manually Retracted when Rigging Down
  • 4-Pin Latch System is Easily Visually Confirmed Prior to Access or Use of Mast
  • Both Latch System & Hydraulic Extension Cylinder can be Serviced with Mast in Road Position
  • Mast Rig-Up & Load Data Plates are Easily Read & Followed
  • Only Common Industry Standard Parker Brand Hydraulic Raise Cylinders, Control Valves & Pumps are Used
  • Load Guylines are Attached Outboard atop Carrier for Easy Tensioning Actuation from Ground Level




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