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Pump - National type JWS 185, triplex;hydraulically driven by Sunstrand type pump & motor; 3 x 4 centrifugal charge pump; 2" x 5,000 PSI working pressure line to rear of carrier, has #602 steel unions, pressure relief plumbed into pump suction.

Engine - Detroit Diesel Series 60, 475 hp,Tier 3; Thermostatically controlled fan; no radiator shutters; Dual AD-9 air dryers; Alcohol scrubber in line post dryers; 28 CFM engine driven compressor.

Transmission - Allison 5860 rebuilt/outright with Rexroth/Wabco controls in cab & @ rear console.

Power Divider - Cushman 410-C, with single input, 3 outputs: to drawworks, JWS Pump Hydraulics, Rear drive axles.

Steering Axles - Dana HD 25,000# each, Tandem, Wide track Fabco 50,000# spring suspension; TRW hydraulic power steering gearbox & booster.

Drive Axles - Dana HD 52,000# tandem models D52-590 & R52-590 double reduction, 7.30:1 drive ratio ,Wide track, Hendrickson susp.

Tires/wheels - Goodyear radials, Fronts are 445/65R22.5, Rears are 11.00R/24/5, all wheels are Alcoa or Alcan aluminum discs.

Carrier - Rig Works designed & fabricated 4 or 5 axle, constructed of 21" x 57# wide flange steel "I" beams x 39'10"- 45' +/- in length.

Cab - CMC of Georgia 1 man steel cab with controls arranged & labelled for easy driver access, insulated.

Catline winches - 1 or 2 Braden PD12C 12,000# HD hydraulic planetary type handling winch with man-lift capability.

Drawworks - Rig Works patented design & built single drum; 46x10 main brakes120-2 Drives chains; Lebus is 1" on main drum; Twin Disc P O 324 main clutch; Main spool is 21 1/4" diameter; Rig Works' 650 HP right angle gearbox; Brakes are band type,self energized; API 7K Monogram License 7K-0346.

Mast - Rig Works designed/built/monogrammed API license 4F-0212; 72' clear height; 150,000# hook load capacity; Stiff or Telescopic 1 hydraulic or cable deployed rod basket @ 53'+/-, brackets only for fiberglass rod basket @ 40.5' +/-;Timco 1" x 30" & 24" phenolic main crown sheaves; Timco 5/8"" x 24" phenolic tongline sheave; Parker hydraulic raise cylinder; Rectangle tubing main legs; 4 pin self actuating mast latches; Manual positioned outriggers with hydraulic jacks; No external guylines or anchorage required.

Tank - T-304 x 3/16" T. Stainless steel 50+/- barrel reservoir w/external sight gauges & top hatch; designed/ built by Rig Works.

Mast lighting - Meets NRL Class 1 Div.1 spec.

Blocks - McKissick Fig.83A, 100 ton, weighted, with rod clevis, 1" w.l.

Walkways - Rig Works designed & built, hydraulically deployed with FiberGrate open grip type surface.

Work floor - Rig Works designed/built ClamShell Type, 3" steel tubing frame, Fibergrate type surface; hydraulic deployed, raised/lowered, centered.

Rear console - Designed/built by Rig Works with Rexroth, Versa, Sinclair-Collins, Williams, etc. as primary pneumatic control valves.

Wire rope - All domestic construction;Tubing line:1" x 6 x 31 IPS IWRC x 550'; Winchlines: dual- 1/2" x 6 x 36 x 160'.

Wt. Indicator - P W I 240,000# pad type.

Crown Saver - Electrical/Pneumatic/mechanical.

Camera - Back-up camera mounted in cab.

Rig up/storage - Rig up & storage areas to be designed/built with customer's input.

Rig Hydraulics - Chelsea 852 type 8 bolt PTO mounted on transmission w/Parker 35X type pump producing 60 GPM +/-; Dual spin on return filters, magnets @ returns; Aluminum 240 gallon reservoir with removable clean out end cap.

Hydraulic Jacks - Four RWI designed levelling jacks with large bore & large mechanical jam nuts.

Outriggers - Two manually deployed outrigger jacks incorporated into rear bumper each with one hydraulic jack- two total.

Rod Basket - Latches to secure rods in basket to prevent rod loss during jarring or windy conditions.

Handrails - OSHA type construction; removable floor rails are aluminum.

Controls Safety - Controls for walkways, work floor, tong positioning require actuation from 2 separate locations by 2 personell.

Pump Drive - Cushman PD utilizes a Wichita ATD 314H air clutch driving a Sunstrand type hydraulic pump that only power JWS Pump.

Tong Cylinder - Mounted outside, offside mast; 24" sheave on Mast Crown for crossover line; tongs are easily & safely deployed.

Insulated Racks - Mounted offside carrier, have non-metallic insulators to prevent damage to rods or pumps during transport.


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